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PYCO Industries, a leading force in the local agricultural communities it serves, has two Cottonseed Oil Mills located in Lubbock, Texas. PYCO Industries is the largest cottonseed cooperative serving the southern United States with over 60 Member Gins. PYCO Industries has been in the business of Cottonseed processing for more than 60 years and is proud of our fine products and our excellent relationships with our members.

Avenue A - Lubbock, TX

In addition to producing Cottonseed Oil for cooking, PYCO Industries also markets Whole Cottonseed and the by-products of cottonseed processing. These valuable by-products include Cottonseed Meal, Cottonseed Hulls and Linters. Whole Cottonseed and Cottonseed Meal are primary nutritional ingredients in the livestock industry. Cottonseed Hulls provide an excellent form of fiber in beef and dairy cattle rations. Cotton Linters are utilized in the manufacturing of many products including mattresses, upholstery padding, high quality papers and plastics.

East 50th Street - Lubbock, TX

Members of the cooperative enjoy access to a much broader market for their products and an outlet for their seed during bumper crop years. A continuous capital improvement campaign ensures that PYCO Industries maintains the most modern and efficient processing facilities in the industry. This assures our customers receive the highest quality products and services. PYCO Industries is pleased to represent its members and support the agricultural community.

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